Use the Road

Released 2016
Released 2016


Released 01/20/2016
Released 01/20/2016
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  • 03:46 Lyrics Konami

    Young Blesarius
    Apoplectic torrent of phantasmagoria
    Visions of arrant madness
    Interloping vector glides
    Eats from the wind itself
    Lemniscate shaped after image
    Burnt into your skull

    Iridescent eyes
    Dark warp alive
    Do you want to live forever?
    Visions crowd my mind
    Perfect neon skies recede

    Ossuary bones
    City crushed to pulp
    A fontanel malformed
    Source of infiltration

Collapse of Stars

Released 07/10/2015
Released 07/10/2015
Audio available at Bandcamp
  • 06:09 Lyrics High Doom

    the essence of time is flux
    you think you have plenty but you’re running out
    obscure continuum of life
    head into the light you won’t be coming back
    your obsolescent form can’t take it
    dissimulate your fear
    the dearth of trepidation will ensure you hear
    the echo of solitude within you
    fresh from the fire
    a brand new face
    blank slate
    erase all your current memories
    infinite succession of alternate realities
    vicariously wise
    scream your lamentations to the empty sky
    catastrophe of the 3rd class
    approach the megalith
    close encounter cataleptic fit
    your offer of blood and bone declined
    sentient and weak
    supplicate the ancient entity
    as you’re petrified in stone
    the gods are raining fire from above
    on all I know, all I hate, all I love
    all that lives must someday die
    all that dies will be revised

  • 06:35 Lyrics Prism

    refract the solar light
    don’t regret the loss of time
    interstellar prize
    beacon in this endless night
    emergence in the prime
    everything I know materialized

    as a blaze across the sky
    see the world below atomize
    a bitter end best left behind
    the prism and the broken light
    smash the bridge of sighs
    break the mold that once confined

    and if you lead me blind
    and even if you leave me blind

    a million light years across the universe
    achieving oneness with oblivion
    forever together one trillion suns
    push the limit through forbidden zones
    broken firmament the depth of space
    apotheosis as we’re erased

    and if you lead me blind
    and even if you leave me blind

    no matter what happens I’ll never leave your side
    as sooner or later you will find
    we could be rogue or anodyne
    sooner or later we decide

    oscillating waves
    spectral division
    components out of phase
    beams splitting
    to rejoin once again
    mirror hall with no end

  • 06:28 Lyrics Coronation

    you can go to sleep for eternity
    you can only stay awake for so long
    stand with me and help me, please
    the strength I need resides within you
    if you remember this someday
    save all the things you care to say
    there are no words in human tongue
    you and I can’t hold back time
    I realize that we don’t have forever

    all your brilliant light
    don’t let it die; don’t let it fade

    the sun will set as it will rise
    on countless skies
    long after we’re forgotten
    our paths aligned
    the road is winding
    ahead, behind
    both never ending

    all your brilliant light
    don’t let it die; don’t let it fade

  • 04:47 Lyrics Nine North

    prodigious oceanic prison
    beneath the surface is a vision
    I will always keep
    chancellorship of the watery deep
    although it’s easier to feign amnesia
    I prefer to remember everything
    am I the watcher or the exhibit?
    do I enable or prohibit?
    I don’t believe I have control
    of what I thought was mine to rule

    I’ve come to realize that it’s over
    fated to wait til you return

    a vastness I can’t comprehend
    exorbitant and remote
    alien and within a trench
    every signal I emote
    sent into emptiness and in my ignorance
    I think somehow, some way you’re hearing me
    devastation is the mean
    life’s a short lived mystery
    elusive to my grasp
    always beyond my reach

    and I have come to see that it’s over
    fading away til you return

    the wave is broken
    the way back home is lost
    have you forgotten?
    how long have I been gone?

  • 05:05 Lyrics Satori (SRA)

    I had a feeling the worst of the healing was done
    I was wrong
    the wound was too close to the heart
    and bleeds on

    we go deeper down into our souls
    we know we’re never coming back

    appear from the ether
    the fever is making me see things I shouldn’t see
    shapes shifting
    convalescent shades
    they seem real

    the world is different
    those things that had meaning are gone

    I wasn’t alone
    I wasn’t alone
    I wasn’t a­­­­­lone!
    it wasn’t a dream

  • 04:26 Lyrics Old Hag

    nocturnal wards multiply
    replicas born blind
    familiar smell of decay
    first phase is atrophy
    through the darkness
    you see the wan toothless smile
    and feel the hot putrid breath on your cheek

    eye sore for sore eyes
    cold and sterilized

    diminished; amorphous; choked
    now the senses have slipped
    confused and crippled by fear
    emptiness peaks your disgust
    in the darkness you feel the gnarled fingers squeeze tight
    the moment drags on like years waiting for the chain to rust

    eye sore for sore eyes
    cold and sterilized
    a phantom enterprise

    a sovereign lie
    the swan flew from your hands
    you tried to end its life
    you should have helped it to survive
    can’t save your pride
    the end is rarely on our side
    a glimpse of love
    but touch it once you find it dies

  • 06:54 Lyrics Mama Salsa Blue

    well it seems to me as if reality’s been partitioned
    isometric cells constituting prison for me
    in the land of thieves I can never sleep without drinking
    and it’s killing me, you can help me be more than this

    why can’t you show me the way?

    tell me if you please of the future; of tomorrow
    the simplicity of denial is the key
    empty promises of the life we’ll live in seclusion
    as I’m slipping in yet again toward earthly decay

    why can’t you show me the way?

    the touch becomes a grip, the grip begins to tighten
    one atomic flash; no time to be frightened
    an embryo, a whelp, a master in decline
    the order doesn’t matter; when it’s time, it’s time

    why can’t you show me the way?

  • 07:32 Lyrics Escape Velocity

    one last chance to escape the void
    no return trip; beyond the brink
    the unknown safer than the familiar
    an inimical force threatens life
    what mysteries will be revealed?
    what realities redefined?
    will I find what I have lost
    or will I lose my fucking mind

    escape velocity
    it never was achieved
    the chance has flown
    this hollow galaxy
    it holds me tight
    and will give me no slack
    the die is cast
    there is no going back

    the essence of life is time
    the limits are defined
    we hold on as long as strength allows
    forever trapped in now
    the ghosts of long gone friends
    relics of the past
    and time is flux
    there is no going back

  • 04:05 Collapse of Stars
  • 08:25 Lyrics Sineater

    constellations guide the wise
    travelers who know the sky
    I’ve searched for years but still can’t find you
    I’ve tortured lords and toppled walls
    but it’s a rose filled garden I recall
    in a city petrified in space
    a thousand years isn’t nearly enough time
    for me to look upon your face
    you led me to an empty vessel
    and beckoned me to climb aboard
    one month upon an icy voyage
    we reached a barren rocky shore
    beyond the shoreline was a tower
    that kept watch for a ghastly keep
    inside remained the bitter remnant
    of an age that has long since gone to sleep

    the shells of knights lay strewn about
    the smell of death lingered a trace
    I asked you why you chose to bring me
    to such a melancholy place
    you smiled and told me I was king here
    and then you left me to my fate

    within the ocean of my mind
    I drown each day and am revived
    you are the key I cannot find

    the messenger came bearing us ill news
    mercury with tidings of our doom

    the machine has dreams of going home
    the king sits dead upon his throne

    it’s a garden of roses on my mind
    and the way that you told me I must stay

    a thousand years isn’t nearly enough time
    for me to look upon your face

    within the ocean of my mind
    I drown each day and am revived
    you are the key I cannot find